ESM: Viewing and sending emails from the new beta UI datacard view

User story:

As a user of Efecte's Service Management Tool (ESM) I want to enjoy a modern user interface for reading and creating emails in order to work not only effectively but also with delight.


  1. Visual presentation of the email previews in the datacard view

    1. If there is at least an attribute with EntityStateMail handler and an attribute with Worklog handler in the same class, the EntityStateMail handler should be presented as a tab. Worklog handlers should be also presented on tabs. 

      1. The tab label should be equal to the attribute name. The name should be translatable.  

      2. If the class has more than one attribute with entityStateMail, they should be shown as tabs

        1. In case the class has just one entityStateMail handler and no worklog handlers, then the entityStateMail should be shown without the tabs (without the bar with the tabs)

      3. The order of the tabs should be defined by the order of the attributes inside of the class

    2. Users should be able to view emails in chronological order in the detail view

      1. The most recent email is shown first on the list

      2. Emails should be grouped by "Today", "This week", "Older" :question_mark: 

        1. These headers should be shown even though there would be no emails. There should be a placeholder showing that there are no emails under the heading. 

    3. The user should be able to see the "from" information of each email. 

      1. If no person is found, the senders name and emails address should be shown without a link

      2. In case there is a person card for the sender, it should be shown as a reference (link). 

        1. The setting should be used for determining the template and attribute to be used for creating the link to the person

    4. The user should be able to see the timestamp (send/receive time) of the email 

    5. The user should be able to see a preview (one row, with line breaks removed) of each email 

    6. Users should be able to scroll the emails within the email box both with mobile devices and desktop

      1. Scroll bar should be visible and usable

    7. Users should be able to see a preview in a tooltip when hovering on the emails. The tooltip should contain the following information:

      1. Timestamp (Send/receive date and time) in the local, user-based timezone, format based on datetime.output.pattern

      2. FROM information (name + address) 

      3. TO information (name + address) 

      4. Subject

      5. Body including visual formatting and inline images

      6. List of attachments

  2. Visual presentation of the detailed email view (floating window), reading emails and sending emails

    1. Users should be able to see all emails in a dedicated overlay by clicking on one of the emails or by selecting "New email" 

      1. The UI text for the "New email" button should be translatable as currently (presentation text)

      2. The user should be able to move around the overlay

    2. There should be an option to open the overlay in a separate browser window

      1. When opening the email overlay in a separate browser window, the overlay should not anymore be shown

    3. The visual presentation of the email previews should be similar in all cases (datacard view, overlay, separate browser window)

    4. There should be an option to download the .msg file

    5. The user should be able to remove emails

    6. The user should be able to see the TO, CC, BCC and from information in the email preview section

  3. Creating and sending emails

    1. The user should be able to create a new email based on the EntityStateMail defaultConfiguration by selecting clicking "New email" or by selecting an email template, in case they have update or create permissions for the email attribute

      1. If several email templates have been defined then the user can select the email template

      2. The default email template should be applied to the case when the user does create a new emails, forward an email or reply/reply all to an email. 

        1. The user should have a possibility to select the email template when replying to an email

      3. The email template should be selectable also from an attribute, if the Mail templates attribute has been configured

      4. The attachments should be uploaded to the attribute defined in Uploaded attachments attribute setting

    2. The email body should be written by using a rich text editor

    3. Users should be able to edit the TO & CC & BCC email address when replying to an email, for example, double-clicking the already given address object 

      1. The user should be able to select the recipient from the addressbook. The setting should be applied.  

    4. The user should be able to edit the from field in case the From field editable setting is enabled

    5. Users should be able to reply, reply all, and forward the email by the click of a button

    6. Users should be able to mark an email as read or unread by clicking a button. The read/unread parameter is global as currently.

    7. The number of unread emails should be shown as a label

    8. Only rich text (html) format should be supported - no plain text emails should be supported

    9. Attachments are shown with their file name as links

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  • Due to the level of attention planned for this feature and the current resourcing situation, we have decided to delay this capability to Q1 2021.

  • This capability has been moved from Q1 to Q2 2021 due to internal software dependencies which mandate that we develop the Edit Mode for the already-implemented attributes first.

  • Priorization moves this feature still forward from Q2 2021.

  • Hi,

    Any estimates when this feature is going to be released?

    • Hi Tuomas Reunamo 

      Currently we do not have an agreed schedule on this feature. Our UI development resources are focused on the new self-service until the end of this year. We can re-plan the schedule for the ESM UI renewal later this year. Most probably this feature will not be ready yet in Q1.

    • Aki Koivukoski This is very, very sad news. In my opinion a very crucial update, that would benefit the efecte users significally. For example the preview of attachments would improve usability and decrease the risk of possibly sensitive data being downloaded to places where they shouldn't be stored in.

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    • Tommi Ekholm Don't worry. We will get this done. It is just delayed. For example the preview part is already implemented for the new upcoming UI. 

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    • Shawn Maholick
    • Team Lead | IT & Office Management | ISO
    • Shawn_Maholick
    • 8 mths ago
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    • Reported - view

    Hi Aki Koivukoski, I thought this was planned for Q3 2022? Will this incluide a combinded, streamlined historical view of all communication channels? (internal comments, external comments, mail). Thanks, Shawn

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    • Hi Shawn ! Yes it was. Due to priorization and more knowledge of the efforts, the Q3 release will include some improvements for the new navigation panel as well as a brand new data visualization - a Gantt view - for data in Efecte. The new data card view will follow later. Idea is still to have all the communication in timeline view for the data card when we get to renew it.

  • FYI: This post was updated with the latest mockups and specifications. 

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