ESS2: Improvements to the Case presentation view

Problem statement
The beta version of the Case Presentation (link: ) cannot show detailed information to end users. In addition to the existing Case presentation view functionalities, administrators want to publish an overview so that the issue is always visible at the top of the page. 
Also, when the issue is resolved, administrators want to highlight the resolution to end users who preview the case in case presentation view.


Short description
With the extended "Case Presentation" -features, admins can define overview fields for each Case Presentation template. Also, administrators can select the Resolution field to be exposed to the end users when the resolution exists.


Use case details
As an admin, I can define up to twelve attributes to the overview of the case presentation view. Also, I can define which attribute is used to share resolution with the end user. 


  1. the admin can define up to twelve attributes to the overview area of the case presentation
  2. the admin can define a resolution attribute that will be shown just below the overview area when the resolution is set to the case
  3. rich text edited resolution field shall be shown to end users as rich text as well
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