ESM: Viewing and sending comments (worklog) from the new beta UI datacard view

User Story:

As a Service Management Tool user, I want a modern user interface that displays comments and notes in a modern conversational style to have an efficient way to create and read short texts.


  1. All current worklog capabilities should be supported in the new UI. The design might suggest some capabilities not supported by the worklog handler. These are scoped out from this story. Examples below:

    1. Username as link → not in scope

    2. User initials as icon → not in scope

  2. If there is at least an attribute with EntityStateMail handler and an attribute with Worklog handler in the same class, the Worklog handler should be presented as a tab.

    1. The tab label should be equal to the attribute name. The name should be translatable.

  3. If there is at least more than one Worklog handler in the same class, the Worklog handler should be presented as a tab.  

    1. The tab label should be equal to the attribute name. The name should be translatable.  

  4. If there is one Worklog handler but no other Worklogs or EntityStatemails in the same class, the Worklog handler should be presented as any other attribute (not on tab

  5. The user should be able to add comments in both plain text and rich text formats, as currently.

    1. The new rich text editor should be used in the worklog handler. 

      1. Also colored text should be supported 

  6. Pressing the enter key on the keyboard should add a new line

  7. The user should be able to make comments unread (star in the current worklog)

    1. Highlighted comments (by any user) shall be highlighted for all users

    2. Highlighted comments should be shown in the list view with icons

  8. The current metadata options ("Hide existing logs in edit mode", "Ignore data card lock") should work with the new UI

  9. "Swarming" should be supported: added comments should be directly visible for other users viewing the datacard

  10. ESS should be able to insert comments to the worklog handler, as currently

  11. There should be a max height for the component

  12. The compact mode should retain the same size in terms of height, but should decrease the font size and line height to make more content fit into the area.

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  • As Efecte Trainer I have heard several times the request to have the newly posted comment to be unread by default. So, when you post a comment it is bold and marked with the star icon. This is also something I have found to be useful in my personal use, since my comment is usually targeted to my colleagues who'd see the new comment icon in their list view. Too often I forget to do that extra click on the star after posting.

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  • Minna Kääriäinen said:
    have the newly posted comment to be unread by default

    I totally agree with that.

    Peter Schneider said:
    unread comments (by any user) shall be displayed in bold font

    One thing that bothers me with the current implementation of the read/unread feature with the star icon is that if someone marks a comment as "read" it is also shown as "read" for everyone else. 

    For me it would make much more sense to only mark it as read for the user that really read the comment.

    Additionally it would make sense to provide the possibility to mark all comments as read/unread with a single click.

    I am aware that his might generate lots of additional data but we once did something similar and were able to control the amount auf data created as follows

    • only create record saying person X has read comment Y (not the other way around)
    • delte the record if it´s marked as unread again
    • clear all read/unread records as soon as the related ticket is closed (archived)

    In case there is a need to know if a comment was read at all you could have something like "read by" showing the name of all users that have read the comment.

    Similar functionality would be much appreciated for the email handler as well.

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  • Priorization moves this feature still forward from Q2 2021.

  • FYI: This post was updated with the latest prototype screenshots and specifications. 

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