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User Story:

As a Service Management Tool user, I want a modern user interface that displays comments and notes in a modern conversational style to have an efficient way to create and read short texts.


  • text entered in attributes with Worklog handler must be displayed as illustrated in the UI mock-up below
  • an attribute metadata field for "Sorting" shall allow displaying values "last_first" or "last_last" (default being last first)
  • an attribute metadata parameter "Creator can edit own entries" must enable editing of entries by the creator even after posting (default: false)
    • when this value is set then the user shall have the ability to delete an entry if s/he has delete permissions for the attribute
    • a pop-up confirmation dialog shall ensure that accidental deleting is prevented (You are about to delete this post. This action cannot be undone. Please confirm the deletion of this entry."
  • the input field for writing a comment must always be displayed readily if the user has Create Or Update rights to the particular attribute to avoid the clicking on "Make a new comment" button
  • when pressing the Return button on the keyboard on desktop devices shall post the new comment
  • unread comments (by any user) shall be displayed in bold font
  • the user name is a hyperlink to the person reference (even that it is shown in the grey font)
  • hovering over the name of the person bubble will triggering the showing of the selected values of the referenced person card
  • the default support group - if any is configured for the user - shall be shown in brackets after the user name
  • the Worklog handler documentation in Efecte Special Handler Documentation must include the new metadata options and have updated texts:
  • the attribute metadata Button texts is used in the UI for the help text in the input field and should be renamed to "Text"
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  • As Efecte Trainer I have heard several times the request to have the newly posted comment to be unread by default. So, when you post a comment it is bold and marked with the star icon. This is also something I have found to be useful in my personal use, since my comment is usually targeted to my colleagues who'd see the new comment icon in their list view. Too often I forget to do that extra click on the star after posting.

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  • Minna Kääriäinen said:
    have the newly posted comment to be unread by default

    I totally agree with that.

    Peter Schneider said:
    unread comments (by any user) shall be displayed in bold font

    One thing that bothers me with the current implementation of the read/unread feature with the star icon is that if someone marks a comment as "read" it is also shown as "read" for everyone else. 

    For me it would make much more sense to only mark it as read for the user that really read the comment.

    Additionally it would make sense to provide the possibility to mark all comments as read/unread with a single click.

    I am aware that his might generate lots of additional data but we once did something similar and were able to control the amount auf data created as follows

    • only create record saying person X has read comment Y (not the other way around)
    • delte the record if it´s marked as unread again
    • clear all read/unread records as soon as the related ticket is closed (archived)

    In case there is a need to know if a comment was read at all you could have something like "read by" showing the name of all users that have read the comment.

    Similar functionality would be much appreciated for the email handler as well.

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  • Priorization moves this feature still forward from Q2 2021.

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