ESM: Support for Transform capabilities in the new Agent UI

Problem statement 

In the early access beta UI (ESM 2023.3), the datacard view currently offers a restricted range of supported functionalities. Unfortunately, one functionality currently missing is the ability to transform datacards. 

Short description

We are introducing an enhancement to address these issues. We plan to introduce support for transforming datacards within the newly implemented datacard view in the early access beta UI. 

Use case details

The functionality of the Transform capabilities in the new datacard view will closely align with that of the current UI. The visual appearance of the transform buttons is renewed. 

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  • Hello! Due to unforeseen challenges encountered during development, the release of the Support for Transform capabilities in the new datacard view is being postponed to ensure it meets our high quality and user experience standards. We understand the anticipation for this feature and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay. Our team is working diligently to refine the feature and will provide updates on the new timeline as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and continued support and are committed to delivering Transform capabilities in upcoming releases.

  • I found "Transform" name a tad strange as for me "Transform" is turn from one thing to another, for example an email generated ticket comes in as an Incident and the Analyst needs to convert it to a Service Request.  Really what it is doing is creating a new datacard for the selected data and copying data over from the source; to me that isn't "Transform".  I would like to see use cases where it transforms the ticket to the new Template and even give you options on what you want to do with the source template datacard after transform actioned ie one or more of (1) link datacards but otherwise do nothing with the Source, (2) resolve source datacard, (3) delete the source datacard.     Scenario (3) is the Incident conversion to a Service Request and the Original Incident moves to the trash can.

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